ROCKFORD (WREX) – Every year hundreds of people come through the doors of Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling. Around 50 of them are adults and they say were sexually abused as a child.

“We see a lot of adult survivors and it comes up often,” said Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling Executive Director Maureen Mostacci.

The problem for these adults is they have no legal right to file criminal charges against their alleged abuser.

Illinois law says if the victim is over the age of 38 when they file charges he or she must have corroborating evidence, like another witness, to prove the abuse occurred.

If they don’t then the person can’t file criminal charges.

“That’s not that long of time,” Mostacci said. “For many people it takes years and years in order to make that first disclosure…there’s a lot of fear, there’s fear of either retribution, physical or emotional.”

Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato said it’s why the state recently expanded the statute of limitations.

But an Illinois lawmaker wants to expand them even more.

Democratic State Sen. Scott Bennett from Champagne wants to allow anyone, even if they don’t have corroborating evidence, the right to file criminal charges against their alleged abuser.

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