In response to a letter last week stating that Illinois lawmakers have failed us, I have to disagree that not all lawmakers have and that many are trying to do the right thing.

I know because I live next to Scott Bennett, an Illinois state senator. I have watched Scott for the past year get up and leave the house at 5 a.m. on Monday morning for Springfield and not come back home till Friday evening. I have watched his wife raise their 2-year-old twins single-handedly (and quite well I might add) while Scott is out trying hard to make this state better. I have watched Scott spend his weekends and precious time “off” knocking on doors and talking with local constituents.

He’s a good man and genuine to the cause of making Illinois better everyday. To lump this man into the same pile of sludge that is some Illinois lawmakers is not fair and failed logic at best.

I moved to Illinois 10 years ago and watched and listened how people of this state love to complain about the broken politics of this state, yet don’t contribute to the campaigns of people they believe in and far too many simply don’t vote. Well guess what, Illinois — when you don’t participate in our political system you don’t get what you want, you get what you deserve!



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