Scott Bennett is a 5th generation Central Illinoisian and he and his wife are raising their children here. 

Scott grew up in Gibson City where he learned the meaning of hard work. Scott moved to Champaign-Urbana to attend law school at the University of Illinois after graduating from Illinois State University. Today, he’s raising his son and daughter in this community alongside his wife, Stacy.

 In Springfield, Scott’s top priority has been to protect our Central Illinois water. The Mahomet Aquifer is the main drinking water supply for Champaign and Vermilion County. He passed bipartisan legislation to protect it from pollution ensuring that our families have access to safe drinking water.

Scott Bennett continued his mission this year by championing the Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act, which addresses the closure of waste pits across the state filled with coal ash, a toxic byproduct of burning coal. This will prevent coal ash waste from threatening our water and our communities throughout the state.

In addition to his clean water work, Scott is working to get the Central Illinois economy back on track. Scott Bennett wrote and passed a law that would create the Taskforce on Computer Science Education to analyze the current state of computer science education in Illinois. The bill also includes recommendations to increase computer science education in Illinois schools. Scott has also brought in millions of dollars in funding for our community colleges and the University of Illinois. Scott understands that trade workforce training is key to fulfill jobs across Central Illinois.  

Scott Bennett continues his commitment to our community at home. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Scott has been able to provide over 10,000 masks to essential workers, first responders, and school districts so they can have the resources they need to continue to perform their jobs safely. 

Scott Bennett is fighting for our communities in every way possible.

He strives to make sure that everyone in the 52nd Senate district has access to good-paying jobs and a safe place to raise their families. Scott has worked hard for his district and will continue to do so when he is re-elected as our State Senator.

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